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AMZCircle E-2 Visa approved in Bern


eCommerce Business in Jacksonville/St. Augustine, Florida

"We can highly recommend Daniel and MD Florida Services Inc. Daniel not only helped us a lot in obtaining our E-2 visa, but also continually calmed and reassured me with his calm, level-headed and structured approach. Thank you!"

Monika Keuchel

E-2 Visum GreyBearLand Inc.

GreyBearLand Inc.

Real Estate and Land Investments based in Delaware

"Daniel provided us with competent support every step of the way on our journey to obtaining an E2 visa! Questions were answered quickly and to the point, and we had complete transparency at all times. We can wholeheartedly recommend Daniel!"

Christoph Graeber

e-2 visa stamp on a picture of Boca Raton, FL

The Fritz Design LLC

Interior Design, Staging, and Real Estate in Boca Raton, FL

"We recently utilized the E - 2 visa assistance services provided by Daniel and his company M&D Florida Services Inc. Our experience with them was exceptional from start to finish. First and foremost, Daniel was incredibly knowledgeable about the intricacies of the visa application process. He guided us through each step, ensuring that all necessary documents were in order and that we met all requirements. This level of expertise gave us peace of mind, knowing that our application was in capable hands. Moreover, the communication throughout the process was excellent. Daniel always promptly answered any questions we had and provided regular updates on the status of our application. This transparency was greatly appreciated and made the entire process smooth and stress-free. Additionally, we wer impressed by his professionalism and attention to detail. He went above and beyond to ensure that our application was submitted accurately and on time, leaving no room for error. Thanks to Daniel assistance, we were able to obtain our visa without any complications. We cannot recommend Daniel and his team highly enough for anyone in need of visa support. Daniels expertise, reliability, and dedication make them the go-to choice for visa assistance services. Even after the visa was issued, Daniel was and is always available to answer any questions! His service does not end with the visa being issued. What is also worth emphasizing, is the always very personal exchange with Daniel. Thank you once again for your outstanding support, Daniel! Sincerely, Nicole & Gabriel"

Nicole & Gabriel Fritz

CozyBox Inc.

Home Decor Store in Naples, Florida

Martina und Hanspeter Faude have successfully applied for their E-2 visa in Bern, Switzerland with their home decor business, which they have started from scratch in Naples, Florida.

"[M&D Florida Services Inc. ist] [a]n excellent company led by Daniel. We are completely satisfied with the service he provided us. He was always available for us and we could ask him anything. Daniel is incredibly well connected; whenever a specific question came up, he immediately knew who to contact. I would recommend this company to anyone wanting to emigrate to the USA. Thank you for everything and I hope we continue to stay in touch."

Martina Faude

eServSol Corporation

Software Platform Development Company, Miami, Florida

"Our expectations were high when we went looking for support for our E2 visa. As a result, many agencies did not qualify. After our first contact with M&D Florida Services Inc., it was clear that we had found the ideal partner, one that fully met our expectations. Daniel Dolamic was always available for us, questioned the circumstances and instead of pointing out problems, he developed solutions to successfully lead us to the E2 visa. Many thanks Daniel for the great and extraordinary cooperation! We couldn't have done it alone."

Thomas Becker


Offshore Wind Energy Consulting, Boston, Massachusetts

"Daniel from M&D Florida Services Inc. supported us on our way to the E2 Visa for our consulting company by creating the business plan. His work was characterized by the highest level of professionalism, expertise and a keen understanding of our situation. We felt well looked after and advised at all times. And when I stood in front of the US consular officer on the day of the interview, the excellent business plan was reassuring and the basis for a good conversation. Thank you Daniel for helping us."

Irina Walchhuetter

E-2 visa, New Port Richey, Florida

All around your house LLC

Handyman & Cleaning, New Port Richey, Florida

"It has never been easier for me to give a 5 star rating than to evaluate the cooperation with M&D Florida Services Inc. We felt competently advised and looked after at all times. The very first draft of our business plan was excellent and reflected and presented our business perfectly. Daniel was a very pleasant and friendly contact person at all times, and we would be happy to work with him again at any time."

Janine & Torsten Juerdens

E-2 visa, Naples, Florida

V&G Design Patio & Co., LLC

WPC Wholesale, Naples, Florida

"Dear Mr. Dolamic, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and express our satisfaction with your service. We are extremely satisfied with the quality and level of service you provided. You were extremely professional, friendly and always went out of your way to answer all of our inquiries and accommodate requests. The service provided was always on time, efficient and of high quality. We are impressed by your commitment and your ability to engage with the individual needs of your customers. Working with you was extremely pleasant and we will gladly recommend your service. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to continuing to count on your professional service in the future. Best regards Georgi & Veronika Ilichov"

Georgi & Veronika Ilichov

2B Value Corporation

Property Management, Cape Coral, Florida

Sarah Baria and Michael Joerder have successfully applied for their E-2 visa in Frankfurt with their new start-up real estate/handyman/rentals business.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank M&D Florida Service Inc. for their great support. Daniel provides significant added value when it comes to the E2 visa. He is an absolute expert in his field and provides important food for thought. The business plan was developed solidly and we could identify with it immediately. Exactly as we imagined. We always felt well looked after and were able to fall back on his advice at any time. Great work, just a complete success and a definite recommendation!"

Michael Jörder

Betz Willems Care LLC

Home Care, Texas

Wolfgang Willems has bought two homecare franchise territories in Dallas, Texas, and successfully applied for his E-2 visa in Frankfurt. M&D Florida Services and Daniel Dolamic assisted him on the business side and authored the business plan for the visa application. There is an interview with Wolfgang Willems on our German YouTube channel.

"Absolutely trustworthy company! Mr. Dolamic and his team provide an excellent service that I would highly recommend to anyone. This even applies to those customers who are not moving to Florida, but to other states. His contacts and experience have saved us a lot of work and perhaps from making wrong decisions. Even now that we have settled down, he continues to advise us patiently and always very promptly. Thanks!"

Wolfgang Willems

Bright&Epic USA Inc.

Digital Marketing, Events & Advertising, Florida

Philipp Marvin Müller successfully applied for his E-2 visa with the founding of Bright&Epic USA Inc. in Frankfurt. M&D Florida Services assisted on the business side with setting up the corporation, consultation, and authoring the business plan for the visa application.

"We got to know Daniel and his company via YouTube and promptly booked a consultation. He competently answered our questions with a lot of patience and professionalism. We had contacted other consultants prior to getting in touch with Daniel and can say that Daniel and M&D Florida Services Inc. is vastly better than their competitors."

Philipp Marvin Müller

A. Spengler Management Corporation

Coffee Shop, Florida

Alex Spengler has bought an existing coffee shop in Jacksonville, Florida and successfully applied for his E-2 visa. We accompanied and supported him on the business side with the filing of the company and the business plan on the way to the E-2 visa. There is also an interview with Alex Spengler on our German YouTube channel.

"On the way to E-2 visa, Mr. Dolamic was a very important asset to us. From the initial idea through the entire process, he was a very valuable and competent advisor for our project. With his help we founded our company in the USA and he created a very professional business plan for the visa application, the content of which was also very helpful during the interview at the US consulate, as well as his tips for this interview. Mr. Dolamic was very quick to communicate with all questions that arose and also provided us with valuable additional contacts. We are very satisfied and can fully recommend his services. Thank you again for the great cooperation."

Alex Spengler

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